About Us

Pennsylvania Competes is a 501c4 that is dedicated to growing the Keystone State’s economy by ensuring that all Pennsylvanians are able to fully participate and have equal protections in the workplace, housing, and business and government services. Pennsylvania businesses and citizens are joining together to support passage of the “Pennsylvania Fairness Act,” which will update the state’s Human Relations Act – originally written in 1955 – to ensure that all citizens regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry, age, sex, national origin, disability, and now sexual orientation, gender identity and expression – can participate in the state’s economy.

Pennsylvania has a $644 billion annual economy – making it the 6th largest economy in the United States and the 18th largest in the world. Pennsylvania Competes can make a difference by leveling the playing field across the state for employers and eliminating discrimination so that Pennsylvania’s best and brightest stay right here in the Keystone State.


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